Tuesday, September 18, 2018

First listen: Gazelle Twin, Pastoral

Haven't had time or energy to post anything lately but since I have been looking forward to Gazelle Twin's new album, Pastoral, I decided to jot down a few notes with the first listen........

Production is amazing. Simple elements do not become tedious. Complex elements do not become overly fussy. 

Really liking 'Dieu Et Mon Droit' and don't think I have ever heard anything quite like it. 

It is really upsetting on 'Throne' when she says "depts, depts, depts". Ugh, tell me about it.

This album is full of venom. It could really reject you as a listener at first but then probably require you to return for more. 

Oh my god, Mongrel sounds amazing. 

Repetitive elements are very strong and original sounding.

Overall the lyrical messages are very effective. There is a danger when addressing social and political subject matter of too closely mirroring current headlines or Facebook feed. It could have easily become bogged down right out of the gate but never does. Also it seems to be coming from a personal place rather than a researched one which I find more effective. 

This is someone who understands anxiety for sure. Having struggled with anxiety and panic attacks I really connect with the music and even draw comfort from it. 

Hobby Horse is so great. This is the only song I have heard before and absolutely cant get enough of it. 

I wonder what sort of instruments she uses. It sounds like a lot of sampling. I can only imagine that it is a challenge to combine a lot of different elements in such a cohesive way. 

Glory stands out for sure although I am usually drawn more to her vocally abrupt style. The whole album is great actually. She can pretty much sing or yell or talk however she wants and I will tune in for it. 

Ends suddenly....love it. 

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