Monday, October 17, 2011

Art and Beauty

What is the responsibility of an artist?  How should they make marks on a page?  Where should the line be drawn between the eyes and the mind?  What's in it for you?  Do you like it?  Yes?  No?  Is it beautiful?  Well, let's get in our boats and drop the nets in the water.  Lets see what we can catch!  And when it emerges gasping and shining and reflecting the light, lets devour it with our eyes and after it beams its brilliant rays into our brains lets devour it with our hands and feet and teeth too.  Oh, beauty.  Now we are left to re-create you.  Now we are left to laminate your remains.  Now we are left with the bones of a saint.  Or did we get ripped off?  Are those just the bones of some small animal?  Oh well, we paid for them either way and goddammit, now they are going up on the wall.
Tell me about beauty.  Tell me about the line between sight and judgment.  Paint and thought. Intent and outcome.  Skill and boredom.  Now and then.  You and me.  Tell me about all of the lines in beauty's face.  Tell me about all of the lines.  What is the responsibility of an artist?  To cross them.

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